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by Shaye Boddington

This Auckland Beach Confirms it... New Zealand is Paradise!

Which Auckland Beach would I pick for a Romance Scene in a Hollywood movie? Anawhata of course! (Pronounched Anna-fut-uh) Set on Aucklands west coast - this mesmerasing strip of black sand is hidden discreetly at the bottom of a steep mountain dressed in its finest greenery. Anawhatta beach is one I've visited frequently this summer - each time, I've been rewarded with isolation, sparkling black sand and the most spectacular sunsets.

Auckland beach
Anawhata beach (One of the most ruggedly beautiful New Zealand beaches!)

I'm always baffled why this piece of paradise is so uncrowded. I've often been the only person there and I've never been there when there's more than a handful of other people on the beach. It's uncrowded bliss must be because it's relatively isolated - you need to drive a gravel road to get to the carpark and then walk down a relatively steep bush track down to the beach. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful... Anawhatta beach feels like it's my own private piece of paradise!


Auckland beach
My sister on the beautiful walk down to Anawhatta beach

Fall in Love With The Setting Sun

On a clear/semi-clear day, any Auckland beach on the West Coast will be blessed with amazing sunsets. Anawhatta is no exception. In fact, for some reason, the sunsets there look even more beautiful. It's the perfect opportunity to be crazy for a little while and use the sparkling beach as you own private dance floor...

auckland beach

auckland beach


Explore the Thriving Rock Pools

One of my favorite things about any beach is rock pools! Especially when they are jam packed full of quirky marine life. On the far side of Anawhata beach (opposite side of the beach from the entry point) you'll find a series of rock pools fulled adorned with sea anemones, little crabs, shellfish and other little cuties that I can't even name. Explore them and feel like a curious child again :)

Swim Safely - West Coast Beaches are Wild!

I'm super cautious at all of our wild west coast beaches. Keep an eye out for rip tides and don't swim unless you're confident in the water. If you don't know how to identify a rip, I'd suggest staying in the shallows. The down side about being an isolated beach is that there are never lifeguards there. If you're wanting a decent swim and aren't confident in the water, Piha Beach (down the road) has lifeguards during the summer months.


Wake up to the Waves at Anawhata Beach

If waking up to the glory of Anawhata beach at the doorstep sounds like your cup of tea - then there is one possible accommodation option... Perched discreetly above the beach, with spectacular views is the solar powered Keddle House. This historic little building is available to rent from Auckland City Council for around $168/night. It sleeps 6 - so split that with some friends and it makes for a super affordable and ridiculously beautiful night away. To find out more information on Keddle House, click here.

Anawhata beach is definitely one of my favorite Auckland Beaches - but there are other amazing ones just around the corner too. If you aren't from around here, I'd suggest spending a night at Keddle house and exploring Anawhata one day followed by Piha beach and it's waterfall walk the next :)


Auckland beach
Auckland's wild west coast - The green hills hit the sand at Anawhata Beach.


The Wild Side of Auckland's Attractions

When most people think about Auckland attractions, the rugged wilderness isn't something that generally springs to mind... But don't be fooled, Auckland may be a large and vibrant city - but on it's doorstep are magnificent Regional Parks full of lush rainforest's, dense wilderness and rugged beaches - like Anawhata.

If you're keen to explore the wild side of Auckland, Click here to read about the Hillary Trail - a magnificent hike that explores some the best scenery and beaches that Auckland has to offer!